Airport transfer

Book an airport transfer!

And enjoy Costa Rica right away!

We would love to see you relax and enjoy from the moment you arrive in Costa Rica.

Therefore it is possible to book an airport transfer.

Private transfercosta-rican-coffee
Airport – Hotel  $ 35,–
Hotel – Airport $ 30,–

Why we recommend this transfer!

icon-check Avoid stress, no hurrying or getting lost, no car pick up, and no queue!

Now the enjoying really begins!

icon-check If you have already travelled 24 hours passed by all these “pleasant” officials!
You will be pleased to know that someone awaits you smiling at the airport exit. 

 Your convenience is our concern!

icon-check Arriving at the airport exit and being hassled by all these taxi drivers who do not have your best interest at hart will make you feel stressed even more.  That’s why we use fixed prices so you know what you will pay.

icon-check What if your plain is delayed, when you give us your flight number we will keep track of your flight, and if your flight is delayed the driver will wait for you!

icon-check For your security you will pay or before arrival or upon entry in the hotel so you do not have to worry at all.

What’s the Deal:

icon-check Private transfer from the Airport to Hotel

icon-check Transfer in a mini bus

icon-check Our designated driver will await you at the airport exit

icon-check Fixed price incl. taxes

icon-check 1-3 person(s)

icon-check $5,– per extra person

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Reservations are accepted based upon availability